Scar Revision Surgery in Mumbai

Scar Revisions

Chemical Reconstruction of Skin Scars (CROSS)

This helps in minor chemical correction of deeper scars which reduces scars and enables better resurfacing by lasers.


it involves specialised rollers with needles that cause micro pricks on the skin, and thus, help in collagen induction. It helps reduce acne scars, stretch marks and skin rejuvenation. It can be followed by a meso perfusion of specialised mixtures containing a cocktail of vitamins, lightening agents or hyaluronic acids depending on the indication it is used for.

Fractional Lasers

Lasers of specific wavelength that target collagen formation and gradually help fill scars by boosting the natural body response. We have carefully chosen lasers which have minimal downtime so that the person can resume work immediately.

Scar Revision Surgery

Be it acne scars, post surgical or post burn scars, our team of dermatosurgeons and plastic surgeons will ensure cosmetically acceptable scar revision.