Why Aesthetic Clinic

Why Aesthetic Clinic


A scientific approach to provide infinite solutions for hair, skin and body under the guidance of board certified Aesthetic Clinicians and Surgeons, well trained internationally in cosmetic procedures.


A complete panel of FDA approved lasers and light systems along with a wide array of treatment options to choose from, ranging from non-invasive to invasive.


Our Full Time Consultants travel across the globe to bring back the latest techniques from time to time.

Extended Facilities

All diagnostic and therapeutic facilities available as an extension to ensure complete treatment for you- all under one roof within the safe premises of a hospital.


A plush interior with multiple spacious treatment rooms, thoughtfully designed to soothe your senses.


Separate entry and elevators leading directly to the ‘Aesthetic Clinic’ ensuring your privacy and confidentiality.


Calm soothing ambience which helps you disconnect from daily stresses while we rejuvenate your skin.

Skin Care And Beyond

From correcting irregularities to nourishing, enhancing, body shaping and anti-aging, Aesthetic Clinic has healthcare solutions for all the care your hair, skin and body ever needed.