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The Cosmetology Department at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital.

Consultant – Dental Surgery

BDS, MDS (Periodontology)

Services Offered
Has been performing all types of dental treatments like RCT, removable & fixed prosthesis, non-surgical and surgical periodontal therapy, regenerative and reconstructive periodontal therapies, minor oral surgical procedures etc, Special interest lies in esthetic surgeries and smile designing

Languages spoken
Hindi, English, Marathi

Dr. Choraria has been associated with a number of private dental clinics and hospitals in the suburbs of Mumbai performing all types of gum surgeries and soft/hard tissue grafting.

Has been performing various kinds of surgeries in the area of regenerative and reconstructive periodontal therapy.

Professional Highlights:
Didactic research work on “papilla reconstruction- esthetic dentistry”.

Paper presentation
“Assessment of risk factors in Periodontitis” in ISP convention, Lucknow, 2012 “Crown Lengthening- rejuvenating the old” in IDA Conference, Indore, 2012

Poster Presentation
“Perioscan- A vision beyond visibility” in ISP conference, 2011

Research papers and publications
An International publication- “To explore and develop a model to maintain and build upon a dental clinic open for all in developing regions, with a primary focus on India” in World Journal Of Clinical Cases 2014: 2(9): 439-447.

National Publication- ” Labial Frenectomy through Z-plasty” in National journal of Dental Sciences and Research” 2014; 1(2):21-23

Dr. Bhavana Choraria

Dr. Bhavana Choraria

Consultant – Dental Surgery

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  • The Aesthetic Clinic at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is the place, which caters to the need of every solution seeker in the field of aesthetics & where all inhibitions & anxieties are put to rest.

  • The scientific approach and widely researched treatment modalities at Aesthetic Clinic are safe, effective and ideal for varying aesthetic needs of the patients.

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  • AESTHETIC CLINIC at Kokilaben Hospital provides comprehensive cosmetic care under the supervision of trained and experienced cosmetic dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, aesthetic therapists and diet counsellors.

  • A plush interior is thoughtfully designed to soothe your senses that helps one disconnect from the daily stress. The multiple spacious treatment rooms are equipped with cutting edge technology to provide the best surgical and non-surgical cosmetic care at par with the international standards.